Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Thursday, September 13, 2012


At least two of my goals in the 101 in 1001 project are book-related. And at the rate I’m going through books now, I think this is something that I can definitely accomplish without a hitch.

Of course, I would first have to update my To-Be-Read pile. Since that December 2011 update, my TBR pile has grown, but I have yet to put together a new list. But of the original 35, I’ve since read 9. That brings me to at least 26 more books to go. At least. Tomorrow, I hope to start by updating my list.

What has changed? In the last two to three years I have been accumulating a lot of good titles but not getting around to reading them. I lost several good unread books to Ondoy in 2009. Good thing the Habagat floods did not claim any of my precious ones this year. Why wasn’t I able to read much in the past, and then now I am back in the groove (I have a backlog of 2 reviews)? What has changed in my reading habits?

I find time to read. I have taken lunch breaks at work not just so I could have a proper meal, but so I could read a few pages. Even to finish just one chapter is good enough.

I bring a book everywhere with me. The advantage of having a big bag (and driving) is I can always add one book to whatever it is I was already toting. So whenever there is a lull, I can open my book and read. I’ve taken a book so I can read in the car while waiting for Alfred to run errands. I’ve been going to the hospital a lot and waiting around doesn’t bother me because it gives me time with my books. I read during physical therapy.

If I were to go to an outing, I’d bring a book or two and read while everyone sleeps or prepares food. If we had to wait for the hayward tigershark pool cleaner to do its magic before we could jump into the pool, I’ll read a book.

I would probably sleep later than usual just to squeeze in some reading time. 30 minutes would be enough to get me to nod off. That is, unless the story actually keeps me up.



promding chamimay said...

i can totally relate!!! :-) i barely read for the past 6years, more like stop actually... but im sooo happy i got my groove back too!!! i bring my book with me now too just to maximize any waiting time... :-)