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Monday, July 30, 2012

Finding Nemo

Apparently, a sequel to the 2003 animated film Finding Nemo will be released soon. That probably explains why it was shown on cable this afternoon.

Finding Nemo 778 Wallpaper

And guess what? It was the first time I saw the film from start to finish. And now I know why it was a hit for kids and adults alike.

Before today I only knew that Nemo was taken by a diver and was placed in a tank. But I didn’t know that before Nemo hatched, he had lost his mom and siblings. I didn’t know that his Dad was an overprotective single parent. I also didn’t know that Nemo had a lucky fin. But now I know all of that, and more.

Marlin is the master of social networking! And he mastered it even before it became fashionable. Dory, of course, had a lot to do with it. She also had a lot to do with teaching Marlin about letting go and learning to trust in Nemo’s own capabilities. But going back to social networking. It was amazing how Marlin’s search for Nemo spread through the ocean. Without the news going around, it would have been more difficult for father and son to be reunited.

My favorite character has to be Dory. But I also love Squirt and Crush and their posse of cool century-old sea turtles. Nemo’s new friends, the Tank Gang, are a lovable bunch too. I love how they welcomed the little guy, and how they came together to help him out.

This movie could be used to educated young ones on marine biodiversity. It would be fun learning all the species of fish that appeared in the film. And who has heard of the East Australian Current before this? I haven’t! But it sure is quite fascinating.

Finding Nemo 772 Wallpaper


What were your impressions when you saw this movie?