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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

We had seen and liked the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies and loved them. When I first heard about the new one, and that everything was starting from the beginning again, I didn’t like the idea. So soon. The story, then, wasn’t finished yet and here we are circling back to the where it all began. It is too soon.

But on Wednesday we headed out, had a nice filling lunch, and sat back to be amazed by the new Spidey -


I felt that this adaptation is more realistic. We meet Peter Parker as a teenager. His antics spoke of high school. And his first love, Gwen, is truly a guy’s girl too. Lovable! She’s got a good head on her shoulders and she knew she was in it bad with this boy.

Aunt May is also more expressive. Uncle Ben was different here too. Both are very credible veteran actors, so no surprise there. You kinda wish Uncle Ben didn’t die too soon but you knew it was part of the story anyway.


(image courtesy of Get Glue’s The Amazing Spiderman sticker)

Andrew Garfield as the new Spiderman works for me. I love him already.

Some say that the movie lacked action. That was all fine for me, I’d trade the action with the good character development highlighted in this version. The action was enough, he’s a newbie superhero after all. Take it as an introduction. Of course, it means we’re looking forward to so much more in the next movies.