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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Who doesn’t know Alice? There have been so many reprints and adaptations of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland that surely, she’s a character that is known the world over.

But the characters in Underland (Wonderland) kept asking Alice – who are you? Are you the right Alice? Who is the right Alice? Who is the Alice that they are referring to?

Who am I? Am I the same person I was ten years ago? Will I be the same person in ten years? Thoughts to ponder. Smile


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The Mad Hatter in this movie adaptation seems more mad than ever. And Underland is undoubtedly darker. I guess I’d expect that from Tim Burton. I didn’t expect though, that this version isn’t about Alice’s first time down the rabbit hole. Although surely, for teenage Alice, it seemed like the first time. She had no recollection whatsoever of the first time she was here to visit.

It was nice to see that even as the film departs from the original novel, it still carries much of its themes and poses philosophical questions. Identity. Morality. Reality. What is real? Is Underland real or just a dream?  In the end, did Alice finally choose to believe (or accept) that it is part of her reality?

“I will wake up, anytime now.”

Oh don’t we all wish we could say that? We find ourselves in so many situations that we hoped were just dreams. And we can’t wait to wake up and go the opposite direction. Truth is, no one will wake us up from this dream. So if we don’t like the hand we’re dealt, we have to change it ourselves. If you don’t like your reality, only you can do anything to change it.

Now I want to see the old movie. And I want to reread the books as well. I don’t think I own it though, but all bookstores have it. I’m going to add that to the list, but on low priority. So many books waiting to be read.

Anyway. The movie must have been really amazing on 3D. Love the colors, the costumes and the makeup. A feast for the eyes.  Checkout the trailer:


As for me, I watched it on the iPad, while riding on a bus for this roadtrip.