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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wrath of the Titans (2012)


Clash of the Titans in 3D back in 2010 was quite disappointing. Not much action, and no 3D. I mean, if you pay premium to supposedly some 3D action, you want to get the bang for your buck right? Oh well. I’m not surprised that I didn’t even write about it. But the movie wasn’t all that bad, it just wasn’t all that good either.

But the sequel, well. Wrath of the Titans is better than its predecessor.  However, we didn’t try seeing this one in 3D but I can pretty much guess that some effects would have looked good on 3D.

There weren’t really any memorable lines. Not even from Zeus, or Hades, who turns out to have a redeeming factor. And Andromeda looked awkward in some scenes. She just wasn’t that believable as a Queen who really leads her army in battle. And I missed Io.

I wonder what happens to Hades next? He’s lost all of his godly power, so where does he go? Does he disintegrate too? Are the gods really just gone? Or do they just lose their bodies and would never have a human form again? I’m confused. Haha.

Here’s a look at Queen Andromeda. Okay, maybe I like her after all. And maybe it’s the lack of air brush makeup that I like for this character. All the blood splats on her face, hair, and clothes. Ugh. Do you know any other queen who has blood splats as an accessory?