Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Sunday, April 1, 2012

End of Month Book Stash

April’s here. Summer. But the last week of March has been wet wet wet for us it hardly feels like it’s summer. Honestly, it’s more like start-of-school weather than end-of-school. Oh well.

Work’s been hectic too, and I feel last week was a whole lot of catch up. You know what I mean? And I didn’t get caught up. If anything, I’m even more behind.

Something new happened at work last week though. There was a Town Hall meeting for all customer care vendors and the company’s CEO. We all gathered in one big room and logged on to an audio and web conferencing site to listen to a rah-rah session, and then some QnAs. It was actually good. Next time, we hope to hear more praises directed at us. Winking smile

Anyway, to make myself feel a little better this weekend, I walked into a book sale (Fully Booked Gateway) and left with three books and a magazine:


image source: DigitalPhotographer PH


image source: All the Pieces Matter


image source: MangaUK


image source: Page Flirt

You probably aren’t surprised by the first two titles, specially since the movie is showing now and there’s been some comparison made between the two story lines. The third, you may be wondering about. Well, I’ve been wanting to see the musical but I don’t see it happening any time soon. So I really really want to read the novel and this sale was a good opportunity.

All in all I saved 342.60 pesos for the three books. no discounts for the magazine.


Gotta start reading!