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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little Guy Steals the Show

At lunch today, we gathered with family on my father’s side  to celebrate the 75th birthday of Dad’s aunt – Tita Waway.  I remember my Dad telling me about Tya Waway taking him along when she went out to meet in secret with her then boyfriend, (the late) Tyo Danny.

Anyway, I haven’t downloaded the photos yet (story of my life, yeah yeah), so no family photos here. But let me tell you that Amir just had to show up and steal the show, haha! Dad and I went to get him from their Fairview home so his parents won’t have to drive from Eastwood to Fairview, and then to EDSA-Caloocan. The little tyke was an angel on the drive home, making sounds when he found something interesting, and once in awhile playing with my very colorful bead bracelets.

When we got home his parents were already waiting. He was given a bath, and then fed. We thought he was just about ready for his mid-morning siesta for sure, but he turned and turned and made pa-cute all morning. I was the one who took a long nap!

As soon as we were due to leave the house (meaning, by the time I finally got ready), the little boy was asleep. He woke up just as soon as we arrived at the party!

Everyone was already there. All of Tya Waway’s children and grandchildren were there, including her son and his wife who are based in Italy. I haven’t seen my uncles in a looooooong time.

So back to Amir. After a few minutes of ignoring everybody, he finally warmed up and started to charm everyone. He made faces, he walked around (I held him on one hand though), he smiled a lot. He jumped, oh he jumped.

I was thinking of my Christmas gift to him – a percussion table for boys of his age. I wonder if he’s played with already? I wonder if he likes it? He’s at the stage where he pretty much throws everything – the TV remote, cellphones, books, everything he lays his hands on! He may be interested for a few minutes, but then he’d still throw it away after awhile, milk bottles included. Smile 

If he likes the percussion table though, maybe someday, we could get him one of these junior drum sets:

image source

Nice, no? I wanted one as a kid, though it actually turned out best that my parents didn’t listen to me. In highschool I was in a band, I’d play bass, but I wouldn’t touch the darn drums. I’d been intimidated by it, secretly because I was afraid I’d be out of timing, haha. Hello, Metronome on standby while I practice my piano recital piece? Smile 

Oh well, just thought I’d sound off on this random thought (which took 470+ words to express). Off to work now Smile