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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

look again pic

This book has been sitting on a table somewhere in the house for months. I think mom bought it an airport bookshop in one of her trips (I may be wrong). We both love Scottoline’s novels and have built quite the collection of her work.

Look Again is yet another masterpiece that didn’t disappoint the fan in me. Sure, it doesn’t have the feisty ladies of Rosato & Associates, but it’s still quite the interesting read.

I started reading the book at bedtime on Sunday, trying to get myself to sleep. I must have made it halfway before I finally dozed off. The next day, after work, I finished the second half. Yay for finishing a book so fast!

Although it was obvious what the answer to all of Ellen’s snooping around would be, there were still twists in the end that wasn’t expected. I love that about this book.

Even if child abduction was central in the story, it didn’t tackle it in a depressing and deeply painful way like in Deep End of the Ocean by another author. You know what I mean? Yes the author showed us how it felt for the mothers to lose their children, but it also showed us the joy of adoption and how mothers aren’t always made by giving birth.

It could have done away with the romantic aspect to the story though. If this were a movie, I imagine it would be the sex part and what would provide the kilig factor. I felt though that it was a non essential. I could have skimmed over those parts and my experience of the novel would have still been the same.

Books are wonderful presents. Christmas is just around the corner, and you can definitely consider Look Again for people in your gift list.

Here’s the book trailer, it will clue you in even more to what the story is about:


Read the first chapter of the novel on the author’s website.