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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sticker Happy

The other day I posted the Polaroid Pogo Printer deal on the Newbie Photographer. Yesterday, the boyfriend gave me the go signal to purchase it. It’s his belated happy birthday gift for me Smile  I will have to wait until September to get my hands on it, but that just means the happiness over a new gadget will be prolonged, and this month is about to end anyway.

I really can’t wait to have it! My friends and I belong to the Neoprint generation. How many prints did we get off those sticker printing machines? At the time, it cost about 80 pesos for a spread containing several stickers. We’ll pitch in to split the cost and split the photo stickers as well. Too bad I lost the phone book I adhered those stickers to Sad smile 

When I first started working, and even while I was still hanging out at the NGO I used to volunteer at, stickers were also a big part of our work. Not for photos though. Smile We’d print campaign logos on sticker paper and put them on folders, envelopes, and other materials. I could go crazy on the prints and stickers if I allowed myself to, haha! I think that affordable home/office printer setups and sticker paper is God’s gift to mankind, hihi. Of course, professionally printed ones are still preferred – they seem to have more lasting power than the ones you print yourself.

Anyhoo, enough of the babble. I need an early start for work tonight. Ciao!