Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Saturday, August 6, 2011


A year and a month after its international release, I finally watched Inception.  Now I finally understand the hype that came with it. 


Such an interesting concept of dream worlds and alternate realities. Corporate espionage is so exciting, can I just exist in that world please, minus the guns of course? Smile

Christopher Nolan is a master storyteller. He has created a solid story and it seems as if he thought of everything. I am glad they didn’t go with the plan of developing it into a horror story. This was a lot more interesting, and the plot made it believable.

What if there really are extractors? After all, dreams are home to our subconscious. Oh what I would give to be in Psychology and Philosophy classes at the time of this movie’s release! I’m sure it factored in a lot of discussions the way this other movie released on our freshman year did (what was that movie, with a Sutherland dude in a really dark world? – Dark City!).

I love Leo in this film, and the grown up Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well. Ellen Page was amazing, as usual. She’s young, but not quite too young.

If I could do what they could, would I take advantage the way they did? They’re powerful, and inception can be used for good and for bad. Saito, I believe, had more good than bad. But if a more evil entity got Dom and his crew to do something like this – it could have meant chaos. It’s a scary thought.

The ending leaves one to wonder, or to make his/her own conclusions. Will it stop or not? Is he awake, or dreaming? It was a perfect ending.