Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yes! Magazine


I don’t remember when I bought this issue, but it must have 2-3 months ago. This was the first issue of Yes! I’d ever bought, and it was a back issue from October 2010.

Their features are well written and can really get one hooked. I particularly enjoyed reading about Derek and Angelica’s South African trip, Tuesday Vargas’ wedding, and the feature on Che Che Lazaro.

Iza Calzado’s home was also featured. Her design theme is Modern Pinoy and that doesn’t mean it’s all gone native. Nice lovely home. She has this corner with a writing table that doubles as a console for her trophies and awards, paired with a nice animal-print covered chair, and an idea board on the wall. I like her wall of photos in the hallway leading to the entrance. They showed a photo of her in her fat days. I’ve heard that she used to be big as a young girl, but was surprised that she peaked at over 200 pounds while in highschool! I didn’t hit 150 until after high school. How come I couldn’t lose all that weight and ended up over 2oo now? Why couldn’t I do an Iza Calzado and shed the unwanted weight in a year?

No, those aren’t serious questions. Smile 

Though I don’t really read showbiz magazines, I’d say Yes! has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure. I bought the May 2011 ish too Smile

*Photo of the cover lifted from NugglePurl.