Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Monday, May 23, 2011

Offline and Online Personas

What’s your ideal online job? I saw this question posted yesterday on My Lot but didn’t respond. It was a simple question, but I wanted to think about my answer.

I’d love to be a content writer/researcher for an established site or for a number of blogs. But that can’t be easy. How many times have I had writer’s block? With three active blogs on different topics, one would think I should never run out of anything to say. But that’s not true.

Sometimes I go days without a post on any of my blogs.

Being a digital scrapbook designer or shop owner or a resource site owner would be top of my list too. Sadly though, I don’t have industry-moving ideas, nor creative talent that would ensure my success in that career. I’ve accepted that already. Haha. Smile

What else is there online? So maybe I don’t have an ideal job. But there are so many activities online I’d like to be more involved in. One of which is enrollment in an online university. Maybe I’d have much luck there than I’ve had in a real, mortar and rock school Smile Attendance would definitely be better, huh? Hehe.

I’d love an online job that would complement my passions in life. I think that site owner really is the way to go. But I’d need time and resources to pursue those passions, and then I’d blog/write about them. So the online job wouldn’t be my main bread and butter, but rather an extension of what it is I do offline. Know what I mean?