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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Natural Quick Fixes for Headache

My reading has not progressed so still no new book review today.

While having breakfast (or was it dinner?) at the table one day last week, Mom shared Cory Quirino’s column on that day’s paper: Natural quick fixes for common problems.
The first one she wrote about was for Headaches. My favorite.

Her first tip was to rule out dehydration. I personally find this to be true. Many times, I wake up from sleep parched dry, and with a budding headache. A nice cool glass of water gives instant relief. This type of headache usually attacks when I go to bed without drinking a glass of water before bedtime. Sometimes, I will feel thirsty and at the back of my head sense the onset of a headache. When I do, I don’t go back to sleep right away – I ask for a glass of water instead. If I don’t, I’ll wake up later on with a really bad headache.

For headache caused by low sodium level, she suggests 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Melt on your tongue before drinking two glasses of water.

For sinusitis induced headache, she suggests a nasal flush with a saline solution. Protecting the eyes from glaring lights will help too. I have allergic rhinitis. I have a feeling that this will help me a lot too.

She goes on with more tips that are really very practical and it’s easy to see how they can actually be effective. Go check out the article in the link above.

Meantime, I’ve been thinking about Yoga lately, and of running. I want to try them out but am apprehensive. I don’t necessarily want to become an expert at both. I just want to give them a try. Maybe one of these is the key to my health and well-being.  And perhaps getting fit is a long term fix for my recurring headaches. No?