Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Monday, February 21, 2011

Can You Keep a Secret?–Sophie Kinsella


When did I start reading this book? Probably about 6 or 7 years ago when I’d hangout at Fully Booked Gateway while waiting for the boyfriend. I was a TSR then with a 4am-1pm shift, and he had an 8-4 job in Makati. We’ll meet halfway and I’d get there first so I’d pick this title up a few times and read a chapter or two while waiting for him.

Though I probably got up to halfway through the book, I didn’t buy it then. When I found a second hand copy at the book shop last year, I grabbed it. Still, it took last week’s Cebu trip before I could finally read it again from cover to cover.

Can You Keep a Secret? is about a young marketing assistant who had yet to reach her full potential. She spills all her guts to a complete stranger while on a flight back home, when she thought she was going to die, and she would never see the man again in her life. Boy was she wrong.

Sophie Kinsella’s writing has always been easy on the reader and her characters are very relatable. If you loved Becky Bloomwood and Samantha Sweeting, then you’re sure to love Emma Corrigan. In this book, we witness Emma as she starts looking at herself differently, and becomes empowered to create opportunities for herself. Hers is the story of many young women like her – those who need time to figure out what their niche in life is. She has tried real-estate, photography, and finally marketing. No doubt, she is probably looking into potential management jobs too.

There is something exciting about seeing her as she steps out of the shadows of other strong men and women around her (at work and at home) and becomes a woman of her own. In the process, she learns that some secrets are worth keeping, while there are times when there should be no secrets at all.