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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Movie Review: The Mighty Macs

If my Dad didn’t pick up a DVD copy of this movie, I wouldn’t have heard of it (unless they showed it on cable). So I’m glad he did.

To say that the film is about women’s liberation will probably be close to truth. It is set in 1972 and is a retelling of how a small Catholic women’s college went on to build a basketball team and win the first ever national championship for women’s basketball.

Cathy Rush, described as a tomboy who is in the brink of settling into the ‘normalcy’ of a married woman’s life, set out to do something she knew she was very passionate about. There were many challenges in her way and it is possible that anyone else would have given up, but not Coach Rush. They had no proper gym (no home court), had dresses for a basketball uniform, no funds, and attendance to their game was close to zero. Yet Coach Rush came to practice everyday demanding nothing but the best from her girls.

It took awhile, but that’s exactly what she got. Her determination and commitment to the team trickled down to every member until they worked as one unit. Their success caught the attention of everyone in the school, and eventually the whole country.

Though the film showed how girls can become whatever they want to be, and that we don’t need to be boxed in stereotypes, it was still very much about basketball and being a team.

Check out more info and steals from the film’s official site, The Might Macs. I also checked Amazon to find out if there was a book that this film was based on, but there’s none. I did find a book about that was also about the team, but in a different perspective. Check it out:


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