Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Monday, December 6, 2010

When do you read?

That’s the question I seem to keep asking myself lately. That or, how will you find time to read? I haven’t touched Outlive Your Life in two weeks. In fact, it is no longer in my bag because I’ve given up sneaking in reading time while at work. No time to rest really, not even on my quick lunch breaks.

I’m hoping that this is just a phase, and I can get back to reading with some regularity. My brother bought Book 13 of The Wheel of Time, and it’s been waiting for me. Haha. Just another book on top of the pile.

I’ve been so busy I’d normally spend 12 hours at work. Sometimes more. Which then means that when I’m at home, I’ll normally just be sleeping. My rest days were split last week and one day off isn’t so much fun when you’re working nights. Like today/yesterday for example. I’ve mostly slept in the past 24 hours. I was only awake enough to eat dinner last night, and then a 3am cereal attack. I may have seen some TV, but none that I can recall very well.

But that’s okay. Sleep is precious commodity and I understand that my body craves for it when it needs it, and gets when there’s actually time for it. Sleep is also a cure for many ills, including being treatment for blackheads, something you are prone to get if you haven’t been sleeping much or eating well. Smile

What about you, when do you get to read your books? Is it a conscious effort to make time for reading?