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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Exchange Gift

Unlike last year where I participated in at least three exchange gift programs at work, there’s only one to worry about this year. I don’t know it they have exchange gift gimmicks anywhere else, but that’s how things are done over here. It started in schools I think, where each class has a Christmas Party. And I guess they ‘invented’ exchange gift to make sure that all kids in the class will receive a present.

It can work either of two ways:

1. All participants will bring a present worth a set amount. It should be gender-neutral. A number is assigned to each gift, and the numbers are thrown into a bowl for raffling off. Everyone who brought a present will then pick a number from the bowl. The gift corresponding to the number they picked is given to them.

2. Prior to the day of the party, or the day of the reveal, all participant names will be put into a draw. Everyone picks a name and that’s who they’ll be getting a present for. Sometimes a wishlist is posted to give the giver an idea of what to get.

We’re doing number 2. I still don’t have a gift for the person I picked and the party’s on Monday. He hasn’t listed anything for his wish either. Hmm, what to get?

Whoever picked me must be wondering too. I haven’t written anything on the wishlist board for myself either! For some reason, I’m having a hard time listing what I want for this year. Unlike the books I asked for in previous Christmases.

So what shall I ask for this Christmas? Books and chocolates (again). But what book/s?

- 39 Clues (a set, or the Black Book)

- Book Two of the 3-part Finale to The Wheel of Time (although I haven’t read the first part yet)

Ugh. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll drop by the bookstore tomorrow and see what I fancy.

As for the person I’m supposed to give a present to, I have no idea what to get him! For my brother though, if I do give him a gift, I might just go with the nicotine free electronic cigarette so he can kick the habit and not make a passive smoker out of his baby whose due to come out any day now!