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Monday, December 6, 2010

Breakfast Goodies

One downside of working within a commercial shopping area is having the temptation to shop thrown right at you at all times. I guess it wouldn’t be a problem if I actually left the office on time at 6am while the malls are still closed. But I don’t.

Yesterday is a classic example. I left the office at past 9 in the morning and the Cubao area was already coming to life. I headed straight to SM with the intention of buying two things: sanitary napkins, and ballpens (I’d lost two already!). Well, I left the mall with more than that.

I did exercise some restraint though, I’d have left SM with more bags than I did if I wasn’t conscious about unnecessary spending. I won’t share all that I bought that day but I will share these: I did allow myself to buy fiber-rich breakfast goodies:

003 (1024x680)

I love the Maple and Sugar Oatmeal from Quaker. I just pour the contents of each envelope onto a bowl, add milk, pop it in the microwave, and then dig in. It’s filling and it’s good for my tummy.

Nestle’s Fitnesse line of cereal is whole grain and is way better than your usual cornflakes. But it is pricey. This little box is about 140pesos, if I remember correctly.

Having these two leaves me no excuse for going to work on an empty stomach. Smile

My indulge item from the grocery that day was this:

005 (1024x680)

It won’t help me lose weight I know that. But the colorful marshmallows should help get me in the holiday mood amidst all the craziness at work and a messed up schedule. Smile