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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Magazine Reading on the iPad

A few weeks ago, I talked about maximizing the iPad for reading. It's still been quite slow for me really, what with the many books still on my to-be-read list, there's been no lack of reading material.

I did download the Metro Magazine app for the iPad though, it is after all free from iTunes. I was so glad I did. Reading a magazine on that device is a whole new and wonderful experience. You can get up close and personal with the amazing photography.

But I'm not sure if the iPad version of the magazine has the same content as that of the printed version. I just felt that I went through the entire issue so quickly! I understand though if there were more articles or features on the printed mag. That version has to be bought after all.

I wonder what other magazines are available for free on the iPad? If you have an iPad and view mags through it, please do tell me about your favorites. I'd appreciate the recommendation. :)

Now I've been thinking abou this, would I be willing to pay a fee for the electronic magazines? I've never had to pay to view magazines online so I couldn't answer right away, but now I think I'd be willing to pay a fraction of what it would have cost to purchase the printed version. Note that, not the full price. :)

Here's a blogger's account of her Metro Mag iPad experience. Saves me from having to take photos of the app myself. :)

(Side story. This post has taken more than an hour to type because I'm also trying to watch episodes of a fairly new local news magazine show online [thanks to iWantv!]. They feature stories behind their jobs as beat reporters. Really interesting. Makes me wonder why I didn't get into that when journalism was a field I once dreamed of being a part of. Along with becoming an architect, interior designer, lawyer, I once thought of becoming a journalist. When I was a kid I thought I'd someday have a job, or a profession, and have stuff with my name plates on them because I was somebody so important. Haha. Something like that. :) )