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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BTC Comments powered by Disqus

So I hated not having the option for threaded comments, or having my replies to comments sent to the reader via the email they left in the default Blogger comment service. So I decided to try out Disqus because I’d seen many Blogger-hosted blogs using that service instead. I installed it earlier today without any problems.


I didn’t realize that it would hide all previous comments made on all posts, regardless of when they were posted. I checked and none of the posts show any comments. That’s sad. But they’re all just there from within Blogger.

I just tested the all-new Comments field yet it doesn’t look like commenters will receive my response to their comments via email. Aw, I was really counting on that. How else would you know I actually read and responded to your comment? Oh well, maybe it does work and my test was incorrect.

I’m still going to work on a few more tweets around here, so pardon the dust. Smile

In the meantime, go read about The Kite Runner SmileAlso find out about the Sweet November giveaway posted below.