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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Boy Who Changed The World by Andy Andrew

“I want to tell you a story about the boy who changed the world”

This is a line that’s been repeated over and over in this book by Andy Andrew. It tells the stories of Norman, Henry, George and Moses. Little boys who decided to do something, each in his own capacity, that would eventually change the world.


It’s a book meant to be enjoyed by children, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t like it too! Smile There is art in all its pages, from corner to corner. The prose is also very simple and straight forward, very much how one would go and tell a child a story.

But the true gem in the book is in what it tried to illustrate in the story of the four boys: one’s decisions, and actions affect that of the other, and so on. That every little thing YOU do matters:

“what you did yesterday, what you do today, and what you
do tomorrow. God made your life so important that every
move you make, every action you take, matters . . . and not
only for you or the people around you. Everything you do
matters for everyone and for all time!'”

Indeed, it’s an important lesson that everyone must learn. The earlier kids know about it, the better. Go ahead and tell them about Moses, who cared for George, who grew up to teach Norman about plants, who grew up to work for Henry, who had the idea of super plants to feed the hungry.

And believe it because it’s true, YOUR kid can be THE kid who changes the world!

The Boy Who Changed The World is available from Amazon.

Thank you Booksneeze for giving me an advance copy of the book to review.


Dhemz said...

wow! interesting...thanks for sharing Ms.Vera...:) will check at it on our next trip to the bookstore....:)

ian said...

looks like a fantastic read!

maybe you can also feature Pinoy authors which you think are worth sharing to fellow bookworms and bookworms-to-be? you can blog about them as an entry to my mini-contest in celebration of my blogoversary =]

i hope you can spare some time and write about Pinoy books and authors whom you *heart* =]

Mommy Liz said...

Firt of all thanks for visiting my ANLIZ site and leaving a comment on my movie entry.

I love to read books, but romance novels are my favorite. My son who's 8 is fond of humorous books and doesn't really care for fiction, I don't know I thought he would like fiction but oh well...

anne said...

Ill buy a copy of this for my eldest daughter thanks for the info and the comment you left in my blog

Vera said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Doc Ian, I'm thinking of my entries already. Not yet sure about books, pero sa main blog ko for sure meron :)