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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sinestro Corps War

Weeks after reading and posting about Green Lantern: Rebirth, I finally got to sit back and read the next cross-over event in the trilogy: Sinestro Corps War.

The Sinestro Corps War came in two volumes, and I read those one after the other after deciding to skip work. Yes, I should be in Monday night, but because of (how will I share this?) personal health-related circumstances, I decided to stay in and read about Sinestro instead. I am okay, I will go out to see a doctor in the morning, but everything should just be okay. 

Back to the War.

So we've already seen the rebirth of Green Lantern, and I've talked about the Blackest Night as well. Turning the pages of the Sinestro Corps War, I thought that I should be fairly familiar with what would be happening, if not of bulk of the characters. Boy was I wrong.
In this part of the series, we see Hal Jordan, with the help of friends and fellow Earth Lanterns, re-establish himself in the eyes of other Green Lanterns. There were others in the corps who have not yet forgotten what had happened when he was possessed by Parallax. We also see how Ganthet of the Guardians was banished along with Sayd, for speaking about the prophecy of the Blackest Night and daring to go against what majority of the Guardians wanted - to suppress the last chapter of the Book of Oa. 

Now I understand more of how Sinestro thinks. I understand him now when he says that he's still loyal to the ideals of the Green Lantern Corps. He only sought to achieve it in a very different way. He believed that Fear was the way to control the Universe. Instill fear, and everyone will follow you. Very Machiavellian. 

He built his Sinestro Corps and equipped his recruits with yellow power rings. He then unleashed them to instill fear and destroy the Green Lanterns. He allied with other villains too, Superman Prime and the Cyborg Superman, and the Anti-Monitor. When the Guardians rewrote the Book of Oa to include ten new rules, Sinestro had actually won the battle. The Green power rings were now equipped to use Lethal Force.

The Green Lanterns could kill. 

But the Lanterns' greatest feature is the strength of their willpower. Who was it that said that, in the end, it is still the ring's wielder who will decide when to go for the kill. Lethal force is still the last option. 

For Sinestro though, the fact that the Green Lanterns could now kill is the victory he sought. With Lethal Force activated, others would fear the Lanterns, thereby making their task of policing the universe easier. Or something like that.

When I read the Blackest Night, I thought that the other power rings of the emotional spectrum have long been in existence. In the Sinestro Corps War, I learned that it was something that happened recently, with Ganthet and Sayd creating the blue power battery, as a beacon of Hope. When the Anti-Monitor seemed to have been destroyed, it actually took on another form, in another place, as what looked to me like the Black power battery. Events in the Sinestro Corps War really set off the prophecy of the Blackest Night.
Green Lantern fans cannot miss these three events: Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War and the Blackest Night. Now, I want to read more graphic novels. Hay.