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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best of Friends - Cathy Kelly

One of my favorite authors is Maeve Binchy, she's Irish and she writes about women and the many ways we can be empowered. Her stories have so many lessons on friendship, faly, and community. I think I've found another Irish author to watch out for: Cathy Kelly.

Best of Friends is a gem of a book. I love it. :)

It's about three women who have learned so much from their friend who died quite suddenly. They weren't all that good friends in the beginning, but because of their common loss, and by virtue of them living in the same quaint community, they came together and honored their friend. They each went through "moments" and it was wonderful that they had each other to pull strength from.

One good lesson I picked up from their stories is that we should never take for granted the happiness that we have today. We have the tendency to overlook what we have, and wonder how it would be if things would be a little different. Then, when everything's taken from us, or things change but not in the direction we would have preferred it to, we'd be at such a loss.

It isn't wrong to wish you had it better. There's no fault in wishing that your guy or husband paid more attention to you. Most of the time you're perfectly well within your rights to demand attention. But there's a way to communicate all of it effectively. Going out and having a meaningless affair isn't going to get you what you need. :)

Abby Barton is my favorite character of the lot. She was a housewife who built a small business. She got attention for it, and a TV show was setup for her and what she does. She built a new career and a new life for her family at the prime of her life. There was a downside, as there always seems to be, but it wasn't all her fault like she was willing to admit. Her daughter had issues of her own, so did her husband. They needed to realize that too.

The novel is a lot more interesting that how I put it out to be. It's definitely worth the money I spent for it and more. :) You can use this link to buy it at Amazon.


spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Vera. I'm not really into chick lit, but I love most things Irish, lol. I'll watch out for these authors. :)

Vera said...

Ivy - Naku nitong mga recent years lang ako nahumaling sa chick lit. Marami kasi sa mga second hand book stores :) Pero si Cathy Kelly at Maeve Binchy, parang hindi nga sila categorized as chick lit eh, women writers or writers for women na lang. hehe.