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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Entrepreneur Magazine

Recently, I've been on a magazine-buying and reading phase. Yes, instead of cutting back on miscellaneous expenses, I've actually added to it. But this time, my magazines are actually investments. I buy only two magazines now, the Digital Photographer Philippines, and Entrepreneur. 

For DPP, I haven't actually read them yet, except for the one I was able to read through while on vacation. The boyfriend and I bought the May issue, along with a couple of back issues. At the same time, we bought FHM back issues too. Clearly, those are for him. Sometimes I like perusing them too, but I haven't found time lately. And then, we also bought the current issue of the Entrepreneur magazine, along with a couple back issues, including some from last year. 

How are they investments? For the photography mag, there are plenty of tips for newbie photographers like us. Kaya lang syempre, you need to actually be able to practice them in order to learn from them. 

As for Entrepreneur (cover photo courtesy of their website), you also get to learn from budding and successful entrepreneurs. They share their experiences and there is always valuable advise from each story. There are also useful tips for when you want to start your own business. I find the materials inspiring. I can't finish one issue in one sitting because I read it with all intensity, as in serious! :) 

The June issue appealed to me because its about home business and how they're thriving. You guessed it right, I have hopes of one day being able to work at home too. A common thread from the success stories featured in the magazine is that they all had the courage to go for it. They also had specific skills that were marketable. As for myself, I guess I just haven't found those yet. 

Even if you're not thinking about venturing into business, Entrepreneur magazine has something for you too. There are features about how to increase productivity in the workplace, and others, that will enrich you as an employee, supervisor or a manager. 

Some articles have even inspired some blog posts in the past, and I hope to write more of those soon. :)

I also have a small collection of Yummy and Foodie magazines but I get frustrated when we don't actually try out the recipes. So I won't be buying those for awhile, not until I get to make anything from the issues I currently have.

What about you, what are your favorite magazines?


Mys said...

I prefer Entrepreneur too and my mom buys Yes! Interesting reads would be Readers Digest too, but subscriptions arrive late.

verabear said...

Hi Mys! :) I probably have only read Yes! while waiting at clinics, or sa Marie France siguro because I don't buy pero I'd love to read up on showbiz stuff :) We have a reader's digest subscription too, I think we receive issues early each month.

Thanks for dropping by! :)