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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Legend of the Seeker

Had I known that this series has been out since 2008, I'd have looked all over the net to watch it. I was finally able to watch the catch-up marathon at the Sci-Fi Channel the day after Christmas. My dad suffered through the day watching with me, LoL.

The series is loosely based on "The Sword of Truth" series by Terry Goodkind. This series is one of two epic fantasy series that my brother and I followed through the years, the other one being "The Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan. I used the word loosely because they didn't strictly adhere to the books for the serialized TV version. Once you reconcile yourself with that, a true fan would be able to sit back and enjoy the shows. Of course, I'd still would prefer the original, but it isn't so bad really.

Seeing this fantasy world on-screen made me want to reread the books. I haven't even read Phantom and Confessor, the last two books, partly because I don't really want the epic to end yet. Haha. My brother lent the first book, Wizard's First Rule, to a friend and I don't think we got it back so if I want to read them again I'd actually have to make another purchase. I wouldn't mind that. Perhaps I'll try looking for it in second hand bookshops ;)

Anyway, I can't get enough of Bridget Regan; I love Kahlan, even when I'd much prefer to pronounce her name as Kah-lan, rather than Khay-lan as they do. They picked the perfect actress. I might just go ahead name a future daughter after her. :)

Here's another fan-made vid:

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MinnieRunner said...

Oh, I would love to read books to. I am just not that good at it :(
.-= MinnieRunner´s last blog ..Not So Fruitful Day =-.

verabear said...

Oh you can start with short stories and work your way to epic novels like this series. :)

MinnieRunner said...

Hmmm, will give it a try :) Thanks!

TheAL said...

I absolutely love Legend of the Seeker. It's such an entertaining show and the costumes, scenery and fight choreography are wonderful. I haven't read the books, but I cannot wait to do so. :)