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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PS I Love You - the novel by Cecilia Ahern


Last night, just before going to bed, I ripped the plastic covering off the book that I bought many months ago.  After reading the first few chapters, I went to sleep (not because it was a boring read mind you, but it was really waaaay past bedtime).  In the morning, I woke up and picked it right up and devoured it.  I read untill well after lunch.  I stopped only for a few minutes to pour myself some toasted oats and mueslie with milk for breakfast; and then again for a snack of yoghurt; and finally a Twiggie for lunch.  Oh, I had put it down to watch the first E-heads reunion concert in August last year on DVD (the one I didn't see Live!), while I put some Tea Tree Oil antiseptic on Zune's insect bites.

But I finished the whole thing.  And just like the effect the movie had on me, there were moments that were just heart-wrenching.

I've got to say, I don't know if it's just Gerard Butler and all his sexiness, but I seem to like the movie version better.  But remember, I liked the movie version a lot. So even while I say I liked it better, that by no means translates that I didn't like the book.  I did.

Though the screenplay adaptation was different in many aspects from the original novel, it still remained true to the core messages that Ahern communicates through her pages.  Finding your soulmate.  Love.  Friendship.  Loss.  Grief.  Picking up the pieces.

If the movie focused on the love between Holly and Gerry, and in Holly learning to open herself up for a new love, the book was more about the reality of grieving.  How it's a selfish process, really, even when you don't mean it to be.  Though Gerry's letters were very much the center of it all, there was also the very important role her friends played in Holly's road back to living her life without Gerry.

Oh, another difference is that the book is set entirely in Ireland, versus the movie being set in America with the ladies' vacation having been in the land of the Irish.

I found myself wondering again, what would I do if this happened to me? How would I move on?

I have a confession to make, I'm a little loony this weekend.  That's probably why I haven't been posting like crazy, and why I finally picked up this book to read. It's Alfred's first day at his new job so that meant a break in routine.  I usually stay up on Sunday nights and have breakfast with him on Monday morning when he gets home from work.  During my rest days, he is always around to worry about what we'll have for lunch; even if he had to work on those nights, he'd be game if I had wanted to go out.  Today was so much different.  He wasn't here. I had talked to him on the phone many times during the course of the day, but it still felt like I was losing something you know?  I won't get to see him everyday anymore, and I would be sleeping alone again for most of the time.  There wouldn't be breakfast or lunch dates at work to look forward to.

I'm crazy, I know. He's still here and he's just an hour away, and that's where he was before he kind of semi-moved in here (we really have an odd living situation) and everything was just fine. But I've just been so used to having him around all the time, I don't want to go back to how it was before. I surprised myself though;after his long day at work and running around to fix his stuff, he called to tell me that he didn't have to be back at work until 11am tomorrow morning, which means he could actually come over now if I wanted him to. I had given him the choice to decide for himself, and he very well wanted to come. But I pointed out that it'll be tiring for him, considering he had had to go shuttling around so much today. So there, we decided for him to stay home instead. It was the right thing to do, right?

Boy do I miss him already.

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tracy said...

sis naiinitindihan kita. ganyan din nararamdaman ko tuwing pumapasok ng work si hubby. para akong bata na tuwing lalabas sya ng door para pumasok eh mangiyak-ngiyak. Tapos pag dating nya kinabukasan tuwang-tuwa naman ako na parang ang tagal naming di nagkita. hehehe :) parang ang weird di ba? tagal na kaming kasal pero parang mag dyowa lang kami. LOL

Aaron Cook said...

Hi Vera,

Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for the link back. I'm glad you found my sample website privacy policy useful. :)

Take care and have a great week!

Shine on,

verabear said...

Your template was definitely the best I found on the net. Not very legalese and very comfortable language. Thanks :)

verabear said...

Hay :(

badong said...

hay miss na rin kita saka yung room natin hahaha, kahit alam ko pede akong jan pa rin umuwi eh parang di kaya ng katawan ko grabe yung training nauubos lahat ng powers ako parang grade 1 ako sa class na yun

di bale malapit na ang friday ehehe

verabear said...

Aw :)